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Advocate Manvi Rajvanshy

Advocate Manvi Rajvanshy comes from a simple working-class family in Rajasthan with her father in Civil Services and her mother a lecturer. Her father's office always fascinated her with the books on law, the telephones, and the stationary.

She started her journey at a Government Law College. About her experience there, she recalls how unaware she was in her first class, and it taught her the importance of 'Legal Hindi' as a different language. She expressed her love for Law by saying, "Harr chiz mein mujhe law dikhta tha. Whether it’s legally right or not?"

Manvi Rajvanshy

Courtrooms were a real addiction for Manvi. She shared her first experience where she was arguing before the Magistrate in 2010. She was representing an advocate himself when her arguments went on longer than expected. The Magistrate interrupted her with a comment saying, "Madam aap charge pe arguments kar rahi hai ki final mein?" In her nervousness, Manvi replied, "Sir, you are the best person to decide whether they are charge arguments or final ones. But for the records, I would like to submit written arguments as well." "I still get goosebumps whenever I think about it," she adds.

Manvi went on to become the co-founder of Juris Law Offices in 2011, along with her husband. In 2012 they both opened an e-portal, connecting lawyers nationwide, under the name 'Mylegaladvisor'. 2015 saw the duo launching an academy for freshers, and advocates, with various practical training programs. Later that year itself, they established a non-profit organization called the ORO Foundation.

Manvi relates to us an incident that changed her perspective towards women's representation in the mainstream. It was in 2016 when a client she had been working for asked to be represented by her husband in court, for he felt, "men are more aggressive."

Manvi with Regional Heads and Representatives

A year later, on the 7th of January, she announced the establishment of the Women Entrepreneur Foundation, called ‘WE’. It is an organization where female entrepreneurs promote each other for revenue growth and business visibility in the socio-economic spectrum.

Manvi is set on building a strong community of like-minded women, supporting each other with the vision of mutual success and independence from all over the world.

She advises the young readers by saying,

"Observe everyone and everything around you and believe in yourself. It is not always easy to balance work and personal life. I say this because I have had breakdowns too, and I am not ashamed of it. It is a phase and we should cherish it equally like any other. In the end, the only thing that keeps you going is your choice. "


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