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Anushree Mimani

Anushree Sanganeria Mimani, a 29-year-old entrepreneur talks about her transition from a brand consultant to a founder and business owner.

Anushree Sanganeria Mimani, the founder of 'The Pure Nest' by Nuske Care, is a St. Xaviers Business Administration Graduate. She later went on to get another degree in Fashion Business Management from the ISDI, Parsons, Mumbai. Anushree started as a PR executive for many known brands and even established her own Marketing company called 'Dream Out Loud.' The very same Anushree had a knack for home remedies and enjoyed concocting her creations since her early childhood. It was only after she was approached by a friend to create a bridal hamper including her skin and hair care recipes that she realized the potential her desi nuske held. The Pure Nest emerged as Anushree's lockdown baby that flourished and officially opened for business in September 2020.

“I always wanted to explore and do something with age-old remedies as I had always used handmade infused oils, packs, scrubs, and ubtans all my life. I started posting a few nuskes for hair and skin on our Instagram page in July 2020 and got an amazing response. People were trying my nuskas and sending reviews. I was also working on product development alongside it all, for as overwhelming as the reviews were for these nuskas, every message had one similar line - ‘I would love to try these every week but don’t have the patience to make it every time.’ So after months of research, study, and hard work we shipped our first order in September 2020. For daily Nuskes and details of the products follow our page on Instagram,” Anushree mentioned.

What once started with a line of 10 products has now grown into its catalog of 55 homemade products, almost 2000 happy clients from 4 countries, and more than 50 cities. With 100% natural, organic products, made in small batches, The Pure Nest lives up to its motto of helping you keep your hair and skin healthy and BeYoutiful naturally.

In the beginning, Anushree struggled to balance out everything that went into making a business successful. Suddenly, she found herself responsible for procuring the raw material, for the manufacture and even packaging of the orders. Despite it all, she handled the overwhelming tasks with patience and learned from her struggles to turn each problem into a possibility. Another struggle that had her stumped was the vendors who treated her as if she knew nothing and took her for a ride. When she was in a hurry to get things done, she saw herself making mistakes but learned from them as well.

Anushree focuses on her clients while developing affordable products that tackle the concerns of the people. She takes great care of even the smallest things like the packaging of the products and making the delivery pocket-friendly. Knowing that she has helped someone overcome a problem is what she considers to be her greatest achievement. Her hardwork has helped her build a loyal customer base globally that motivates her to work harder every single day!

This was Anushree’s advice for the readers::

"I always believe that I have the power to say no to a client. Even though I am fairly new in this sector, I still believe in setting boundaries and standing up for myself. I have had my share of bad experiences which has led me to believe that every entrepreneur, be it a baker, content creator or blogger, etc., we have to have the courage to stand our ground and say no to the clients that act as bullies. This is especially for the young women out there, who are still in the initial phases of their start-ups. Be firm in your decision and stand your ground."


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