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Avama Jewellers- Giving New Meaning To Women Empowerment

Kolkata-based Avama Jewellers are on a continuous journey of aligning quality with sophistication to bring to you their line of bold and minimalistic designs.

Be it a sentimental piece of jewellery or an accessory that compliments your personality, jewellery plays a very unique yet important role in a woman's life. Something that completes not just an outfit but also acts as a channel of self-expression. It has time and again emerged as a symbol of femininity and even social status, which makes it all the more important to choose a brand that represents who you are and is worthy of the value you attach to it. This is exactly what 'Avama Jewellers' has set out to achieve. Acknowledging the diversity of the medley of women all over the world, they create exquisite pieces that boast a timeless, yet modern look and feel. Kolkata-based Avama Jewellers are on a continuous journey of aligning quality with sophistication to bring to you their line of bold and minimalistic designs.

After its launch in 2017, Avama Jewellers has worked to distinguish itself from its competitors and has established a brand identity that stands synonymous with meticulous attention to detail and inspirational designs. Crafting contemporary statement pieces while keeping the vintage aesthetic alive. Avama caters to the needs of the modern-day woman, all the while maintaining its alluring charm which finds itself compatible with even the tastes and preferences of the older generation.

Avama Jewellers is the one stop solution for jewellery needs for every occasion be it the Poila baisakh, Sindhara, Raksha Bandhan, Pujas, Diwali or any special occasion. Avama Jeweller’s latest collection of wedding jewellery unveils the trendiest designs right out of the dreams of every bride-to-be. Be it the Pre-wedding shoot, Mehndi, Sangeet, or Sagai, they've got you covered! Delivering the best of Diamond engagement rings, Bangles, Nose pins, Mangtikas, Earrings, Gold plated antique jewellery, and much more in a multitude of styles, viz., modern, contemporary, conventional, you name it. Even offering amazing jewellery combos for prices tailored perfectly to your budget. From Bollywood-inspired looks to traditional jewellery with a spiritual, cultural essence, Avama has something for every bride. They offer a wide range of exclusive jewellery products for men including Bracelets, Lockets, Rings to name a few. So, choose Avama Jewellers this wedding season and let them adorn you on your special occasion as they turn you into an unforgettable vision.

Affordable jewellery that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket is what Avama aims to offer. Hustling to bring you superlative product quality and superior craftsmanship. Their exclusive designs are a mélange of ornate sculpted pieces in gold, diamonds, and precious gems like emeralds, sapphires, temple and kundan jewellery, and even polki. Utilizing only the pure and hallmarked metals, while even offering customization facilities. Avama Jewellers has successfully identified itself as a brand that exudes style and sophistication for the women of today, keeping up with the current fashion trends. It has been garnering attention for their traditional and contemporary aesthetic and their experimentation with materials like rose gold, gemstones, and diamonds. The brand even has great international appeal despite its Indian identity.

Avama Jewellers is the brainchild of the very talented Mr. Abhishek Kajaria who ventured into the uncharted territories of jewellery design. He went on to work as a jewellery exporter right after he was done with his education. He worked for 22 years before realizing his dreams of launching Avama Jewellers and has yet to ever look back. Within years of the launch of his brand, Abhishek managed to create a large family of loyal customers from all over the world. His perfectionism was what helped him dig his heels deep in the extremely cutthroat industry of fashion and revolutionized the way people looked and perceived jewellery. Abhishek is one of the foremost jewelers with a penchant for minimalism who has succeeded in having their names symbolize glamour and timeless style. Thanks to Abhishek and his persistent dedication and vast industry experience, Avama Jewellers now stands on the twin foundations of excellence and innovation that value the importance of craftsmanship, quality, and customer experience.

This is what Abhishek had to say about Avama Jewellers and his vision for the future:

"The different intricate pieces at Avama symbolize different themes of security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity. It also has the power to make a woman feel confident and beautiful. Here, at Avama Jewellers, we create pieces that you cherish forever and form sentimental bonds through them that are passed down to future generations. My hopes for Avama is that it becomes more financially valuable down the line, but more importantly, for it to become a personal emblem with unquantifiable emotional value."


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