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Gospel of the Child and Parent

The Tricky Teens - Book Review

The Tricky Teens written by Bhavna Killa takes me back to my teen years. The bitter-sweet relationship between parents and teens is beautifully illustrated in this self help book.

Unlike frequent parent books, The Tricky Teens covers dual perspectives ( teens and parents). It explores situations and issues present in a teenagers life. It primarily focuses on the adolescent phase, where kids are still naive and parents are just getting a peek into the teen world. The book covers issues like boyfriends/girlfriends, parties, peer pressure, bullying and a lot more. The essence of the book is honesty. I loved how nothing was shielded and all the matters were discussed openly and thoroughly.

Bhavna’s advice to all the teenagers ,

One important thing that you must learn during your teenage years is to shield yourself with facts and carry confidence as your self- defense

For parents, Bhavna mentions ,

There has always been a fantasy world away from the actual, where teen lives, and it still exists for teens today

Bhavna Killa is a great story-teller, which makes the book an interesting read. Her portrayal of her points via situational basis and short stories makes it easier to connect and understand the issues.

The writing style is interactive and engaging.

Although I am no longer a teen, I found the book extremely helpful. It has helped me reflect on my relationship with my parents. I will recommend this book to both parents and children.


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