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Heena Yogesh Bheda

In an interview with Heena Yogesh Bheda, we explore the journey of an entrepreneur who is on a mission to change how we consume tea.

Heena Bheda is the founder of Yuva Soul, an innovative well-being brand that specialises in curating non-caffeinated healthy drinks.

Heena’s story, like many other women entrepreneurs, started from the round tables of her kitchen at home. As a concerned mother, Heena was looking for natural and healthy ways to boost the immunity of her son. Looking for answers, she stumbled onto her backyard, where she discovered the wonders of natural remedies curated from simple ingredients like moringa, neem, and tulsi.

After spending sufficient time on research and development, Heena launched her line of herbal infusions last year. The generation-old potions and their daily consumption became the basis of Yuva Soul. Her idea behind Yuva Soul being, bridging the gap between ancient remedies and practises with the modern hustle of life. Yuva Soul offers a wide range of Herbal Teas and Powders that help emphasise the benefits of these recipes.

When asked about the biggest hurdle in her journey, Heena describes it as building a category that didn’t yet exist in the Indian Market. Often people assumed that Yuva Soul was just another ‘green tea’ brand. She believes that despite the process being slow, change is coming.

The advent of Covid-19 has made us realise the importance of a healthy mind and body, prompting us to take our immunity more seriously.

“In the times to come people will enjoy the ease and benefits of Yuva soul,” Heena feels.

Heena has gone through several challenges and continues to face them in her constant struggle to grow and stay afloat. She wants to create a tribe of holistically healthy people, a goal that doesn’t allow her to give up. She is determined to change how people consume tea by producing healthy substitutes and educating people about the same.

Heena recounts that there were obstacles that she faced that were unique to women. She acknowledged that women need to work twice as hard to earn the same respect and command from people that men easily enjoy. To change and assist women all around, Heena has adopted an only women policy, wanting to help make them a more financially independent gender. Through her initiative, she wants to establish a decent wage compensation for the labour class women.

Heena’s advice to the young entrepreneurs:

“Never stop. Entrepreneurship is a daily task. You have to get up and do the work every day and only then will you get results.”


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