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Honey Kithani

In our latest interview, Honey Kithani talks about the startup industry and the key to finding success in this blooming sphere.

Honey Kithani is the co-founder of “10000StartupsIndia” and a highly praised mentor for startups. In this interview, Honey talks about her experience as an angel investor and how she got involved in Entrepreneurship. She also shares her views on the startup industry and a few notes that founders should keep in mind while they decide to take the leap!

Honey started her venture, 1000StartupsIndia in Jan 2020, with the moto to become a pioneer virtual aggregator platform for all (especially Women Entrepreneur). “ In the Pre covid era, it was not very common or preferred, for that matter. But as we gained momentum, it became one of the most desirable platform, as due to covid almost everything went virtual. We started providing support to the traditional Incubators with online events & initiatives through our platform.“

“Entrepreneurship is the one of the fastest way to grow yourself and make money and grow your career, with more than 500 VCs in India, 1000Cr Seed Fund and other initiatives announced by Govt of India, several incubation centers, mentors, investors and more than 10 Startups joining 1 billion dollar value club each year, the scope of entrepreneurship has increased tremendously.” When asked about the challenges faced by this industry, honey replied, “In my experience, biggest challenge for any startup in their early days is to build trust, building trust by networking and engaging with the right community (i.e. Mentors, Investors, CXOs, Advisors, Business Partners etc.) is key to success.” Honey capitalised on these two pillars of success: building trust and networking right quite early in her life and she owes a majority of her success to it.

When asked about, 10000StartupsIndia, Honey replied,” It is a platform for Startups to meet potential Investors, Mentors & CXOs virtually, also providing required support to startups through Virtual Incubation & Business Acceleration.” 10KSI is bootstrapped since 2 years, in less than 2 years they have co-organized a TV show for startups, built a community of Global Startups & Investors, soon to set up their own fund, partnered with a number of Top notch colleges for providing Mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur comes with its fair share of responsibilities and goals, for Honey, it is the impact created by 10KSI that keeps her going.

Following is her advice for all the budding entrepreneurs out there:

"An entrepreneur should be open to learning, unlearning and personal growth which involves overcoming failures and taking risks. If you have an idea that has potential, be fearless and go for it. Get yourself a mentor who can guide you through the nitty- gritties to bring you one step closer. At 10000StartupsIndia, we can help transform your idea into a startup."


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