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How to Undermine Women

Women Empowerment has been the crux of countless political discussions in India, creating a picture perfect scenario on paper, but lucky for us patriarchal power supporters, that's where it all ends.

We may have countless laws protecting women from Sati, Dowry, Sexual Harassment, Child Abuse, domestic violence, and what not; when it comes to the implementation and policing of these laws the nation closes its eyes. Marking India first in the gender inequality index.

Thanks to us, women are still struggling. Even in education, our consistent efforts have succeeded in maintaining the lowest literacy rates, while countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are still having trouble shaming their women the right way.

To demonstrate the correct method, here's a dialogue that always works,

" Aurat ko padh likh kar karna hi kya hai, agar wo kaam par jaane lagi toh ghar ka kaam kuan karega. Bacho ko kuan sambhalega. Chuka-Chowka kuan chalayega."

These lines are beneficial in cultivating an inferiority complex in the female population, successfully confining them to the kitchen, their real "work space".

Nonetheless, if they still manage to escape to the office like a "person", we still have a number of weapons in our arsenal, like bias in hiring, harassment, pay disparity, unpaid maternity leaves, etc, to send them right back where they came from.

More than 2000 cases of female foeticide happen everyday! Why even let them be born in the first place, right? The law couldn't stop us from raping and killing our women and neither can the so-called "feminists". While we continue to ward off their activism with our armour of 'not all men'.

Simultaneously stopping them from spreading information about human rights, because remember, women can't defend their rights if they don't know them.

The article is written by Shweta Jha. Shweta Jha is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about women's empowerment, mental health and other social issues. Reach out to her at


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