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Mahek Daga

We interviewed Mahek Daga, founder of ‘The Soirèe Fix’, read till the end to find out how the young prodigy started out and how you can too.

Mahek Daga’s creative inclination motivated her to start her event management business at the age of 21. She started in November 2020, with the formal introduction of ‘The Soirèe Fix’ in April 2021. She has pulled the lever to a fantastic rollercoaster ride, having completed more than 95 events thus far.

Mahek wasn’t the best in academics during her school days which led her to hear taunts and jokes from her teachers, closest friends, and family.

“It was a never-ending tirade, and if I'd say it didn't bother me at all, that wouldn't be true. It had started to make me believe that I was good for nothing,”

she added. When the time for college rolled around, she saw all of her friends going off to universities abroad which made her feel left behind: “that's when it hit me the most. I was too low on morale and didn't know where to start or how to even pick myself up. But now when I look back on it, I am proud that I overcame the hurdles and came out on top, having showcased my determination, hard work, and skill-set to everyone.”

Event management had always been at the forefront of her mind. Mahek knew she had it in her to excel in this field which made her follow her niche. Once she was done with school, she majored in mass communication and journalism, while also doing an external diploma in event management, wedding planning, and public relations.

We asked Mahek about her journey and this is what she said, “I worked with different wedding planning companies to gain experience while still in college, but it just didn’t feel enough. When I was in a phase of not knowing what to do next, I saw an opportunity with my aunt's 50th birthday.

After planning and executing my first event, the opportunities snowballed and just didn't stop. Initially, I did events under my name, with ‘The Soirèe Fix’ being born after a few months!”

Mahek is her own team, multitasking her way through the week with back-to-back events, no sleep, and constant stress plaguing her mind. She stopped going out to focus on her work, without cribbing because she loves every bit of it.

Mahek went all out handling TSF, college, and the company she was working with altogether.

When asked about what kept her going, this is what she said, “The beginning was the toughest, but my journey has just begun. The satisfaction I received from all of it was what drove me to work harder.

My family has been my biggest support system with each of them playing a distinct role in my journey. While my mother has been my strength throughout.”

When people ask her how she does it so young, her answer to them is,

“Believe in yourself and don't let others pull you down. I believed in myself when no one else did and that's how everything fell in place. Just listen to your heart and follow your passion and it’ll all make sense then!”


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