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Mannvi Saini

‘Dare to dream’ is what Mannvi Saini teaches us in her latest interview. Read on for her inspiring take on turning an idea into reality.

"Dream a little even if it's 2020," this is how Mannvi Saini began her journey that now edges to inspire thousands of people. The pandemic taught her to feel and appreciate the little nuggets life had to offer.

When the nation went into a lockdown and we sat at home with our visions clouded, Mannvi contemplated with a contrasting headspace. Scrolling through Instagram on a Tuesday morning with a cup of black coffee in her hand, she struck a pot of gold. She came across various gifting solutions that now emerge as thriving businesses, as visiting our friends and family go out of the question. Mannvi knew it was time to take advantage of the presented opportunity.

This is how she sums up her beginning,

“I worked on the idea of collaborating with the bakery of my father’s Hotel Aauris – SCARLET, coming up with ideas of gifting solutions, some of which are still a work in progress.”

After the go-ahead by the Government Officials, Mannvi and her team launched their venture on 1st July 2020. Elated with the overwhelming response of the people, she told us, “We gained around 1200 followers within a month, with over 150 happy customers. It's crazy how it happened so fast. One of our key achievements includes a feature in T2 Magazine

A lot goes on behind the scenes when starting a new endeavor and here’s what Mannvi had to say about her adventure, “To work in the given conditions is extremely difficult but we are doing the best we can. In our sector - making a customer feel valued and appreciated is the key to a successful deal. We also need to maintain the hygiene standards in place, giving them the utmost importance.”

Mannvi finds herself eager and excited, musing the endless possibilities that lay before her concerning her enterprise.

This is what she told us about her plan of

action, “I always try to educate myself about the pros and cons of a situation or action.

All the while researching unprecedented techniques to overcome the day-to-day working barriers and come up with unorthodox ideas. Knowing that the creativity and uniqueness of my products have to be consistent.”

‘SCARLETxMANNVI’ aims to create a niche with unique ideas!

The following is Mannvi’s advice to our readers,

“I firmly believe in the saying that ‘ no dream is too big or small. ’ All that we dream and believe can turn into something great. It is what excites you and what you are willing to get better at!”


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