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Pooja Dev

In our latest interview, Pooja Dev unravels the secret to her initiative-driven transformation into a focused and passionate entrepreneur.

Pooja Dev is the founder and creative head of her fashion label, Origin. She began her career as a Sports manager, having worked with various sports leagues. She even has experience in handling merchandise management for teams like RCB and many more. Despite loving her job and financial prospects, Pooja always felt the pang of missing out on her dreams. She soon quit and embarked on a journey that started 7 years ago.

Pooja set in motion her entrepreneurial expedition by starting a niche between high-end and low-end dress fitting, a combination of speed stitching and designer stitching. Origin emerged as a brand catering to the needs of the modern-day bride looking for customizable and budget-friendly creations. The idea behind it was to help create designer fashion pieces for everyone.

Initially, Pooja acknowledged that she wasn’t her best self and very honestly called herself a “lazy entrepreneur”. However, the past two years show her growth trajectory reaching new highs. Wading through the choppy waters of fashion entrepreneurship Pooja learned various life lessons, making her a better individual and not just a better businesswoman. Overcoming the struggles and challenges thrown her way, she has continued to prove her worth. She witnessed the transformation herself and acknowledged that it was a slow and gradual process.

When the pandemic set in and the entire world stood still, Pooja channelized her passion and established herself and her label, Brides of Origin. She successfully created a community of new-age brides searching for “budget wedding fits”. As of now, Pooja entertains buyers not only PAN India but across the globe via her social media marketing portals. The secret sauce behind her Instagram page turning into a hot new sensation is to always be authentic and sell quality products.

Pooja’s journey of entrepreneurship aligned with her personal goal of finding herself. The thirst that she carried within herself motivated her to keep striving every day, even on days she saw no results. Pooja, like all of us, had her doubts, moments that lacked determination but she was far from giving up. Crediting her success to consistency, Pooja made sure that she showed up each day even when it seemed impossible. She adds her two cents about the importance of curiosity in running about business and staying creative. Pooja believes that if we remain curious, we will always find a way.

On being asked for a piece of advice for the readers, this is what she said,

“Keep doing what you feel is important to you. Never give up or give in. Put in your consistent efforts and things will fall into place.”


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