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Pragya Kedia

In our latest interview, Pragya Kedia, the Director of Studio7 talks about the evolution of the Furniture industry and her experience as a leader.

Pragya is based out of Kolkata, India where she did her graduation in Bioscience from Calcutta University. She had a keen interest in Designing and Interior Decoration that motivated her to pursue a course on Interior Designing post graduation. This was the start to her successful journey in the Designing industry where her hard work and creativity led her to being the Director of Studio7. Studio7 is a newly launched luxury and premium brand which focuses on customisation of Furniture and Furnishings together at the same platform.

“The Furniture industry has always been challenging. Right from the Research & Design to Colour & Fabrication, it has been the cores to my interest elevation as an industrialist .The current scenario has totally changed since the clients are very particular about the choices they make which is why we have introduced Studio7 so as to cater their needs with much clarity & expertise.”

Pragya has been a part of this rapidly changing industry since the past 10 years and she believes that the key to success in this industry is to constantly upskill yourself with the changing patterns and prioritising quality.

Image from Studio7 Kolkata

Image from Studio7 Kolkata

As the Director of Studio7, Pragya’s responsibilities include catering to the Furniture & Furnishings department & looking after the overall working of the Store. “My biggest achievement has been moving out of my comfort zone to become the Director at Seven Design & Studio7 with all my knowledge & skills as a businesswoman.” When asked about the challenges faced in her role, she replied “Being a Director definitely isn’t the easiest job. A few of the initial problems that I faced were convincing my team on my vision and views & to line up everything strategically in the appropriate direction.” Pragya’s determination and management skills enabled her to overcome these challenges and lead the way to success!

Following is her advice for all the women out there:

“Remain confident in your skin, be yourself, believe in yourself & always keep trying to raise yourself better everyday”


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