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Shilpi Kulshrestha

Lawyer and entrepreneur, Shilpi Kulshrestha talks about her courage and strength in decisions that led to her following her passion.

Shilpi Kulshrestha came from a lower-middle-class family in Agra, with her father being a local publication sales representative, and her mother a homemaker. She was the eldest child in a family of 5. Initially, from a maths and science background, bound by financial constraints and her knack to tread a different path, she moved away from engineering and decided to pursue Company Secretary and B. Com simultaneously. Shilpi came to Noida in 2010, as CS Management Trainee at Uflex Limited. Along with the training, she joined Delhi University to pursue night classes in LLB. The 19-year-old Shilpi had her schedule jam-packed as she travelled almost 100kms a day to work, study and take care of herself.

"Those 3-4 years of my life were full of struggle yet beautiful, as I learned new things and skills every day. It helped boost my confidence and courage. I also supported my younger siblings in their studies and my family financially. Recently I even contributed to buying a house for my parents in Noida,” Shilpi recounted.

The aim that Shilpi carried in her mind was to financially support and establish her family. To achieve this vision, she worked as a Company Secretary and Legal Counsel for various organizations. Having gained enough experience and completed her primary motive, Shilpi decided it was time to quit and live her dreams. She started inculcating the idea of her business in September 2020. February 2021 was when she officially called it quits and established her venture, ''.

“The ultimate aim of ‘Businezexcellence’ is to support entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners during their initial years of journey for their all-end-to-end business requirements at one place, be it Finance, Accounts, Tax, Business Registrations, Contract Management, Compliance Management, Payroll, Company Policies, Trademark & Copyrights, Audit, ISO, Data Privacy and Protection, Start-up funding documentation so that they can completely focus on the core activities of the business like sales, marketing, product development, and R&D. Businezexcellence works as an extension to the team.”

Businezexcellence is the brainchild that emerged from the 10 years of Shilpi’s corporate career. In that time, she discovered that Companies struggle and follow up with varied consultants for different business requirements. Yet, with the numerous domain-specific consultants available in the market, it’s still rare to see all these services being offered at the same place or by the same consultant. Therefore, Businezexcellence comes to their aid as a one-stop-shop for all business requirements, while working as an extension to the client.

You can check out Businezexcellence here.

Shilpi had a background wrought with incessant struggles, even before and after the take-off of her entrepreneurial dream. When asked about what kept her going through it all, this is what she said: “Self-motivation is my biggest strength that keeps me going. I firmly believe in the Sanskrit Shloka,दुर्लभान्यपि कार्याणि सिद्यन्ति प्रोद्यमेन हि। शिलापि तनुतां याति प्रपातेनार्णसो मुहुः॥’ It means that even the impossible can be achieved with consistent efforts, just like a hard rock erodes under the continuous stream of water.”

In an attempt to make a positive impact in society through her efforts, Shilpi wants to make entrepreneurship start-ups and business owners' lives smooth by providing a one-stop-shop for all business requirements. While also supporting them in developing a structured organisation since day 0 of their journey. Her future goals are small yet qualitative, which involve providing support as an extension to the team's top 10 start-ups in a year and marking their success.

This is Shilpi’s advice to young entrepreneurs and lawyers:

“Be consistent and confident. Control your emotions, while keeping your professional and personal life separate. Keep educating yourself and make use of technology as much as you can.”

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