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Shweta Parmer

In an interview with Shweta Parmer, we explore the thrills of skydiving and uncover the lesser-known facts of pursuing an extreme sport.

Shweta Pamer is India’s fourth woman skydiver, and Gujarat’s first.

Her journey was set in motion in 2015 after she stumbled upon a Facebook advertisement. It took her to the skydiving site and there her fascination turned into a passion. Mesmerized by the beauty and thrill of the sport, Shweta knew she had to pursue it.

Upon discovering the cost of her instruction in skydiving, she stood face to face with her first obstacle. She belongs to a humble family in Gujarat, and given her middle-class status, she could never ask her parents for such a lump sum. However, she didn’t let this get her down.

Instead, the 23-year-old decided to earn that money. For the next three years, she tirelessly worked to fulfill her dreams and persevere. After saving enough money, Shweta finally traveled to Spain for her first Skydiving lessons.

For all the readers, Shweta adds that skydiving isn’t all that which has been popularised by the cinematic efforts of ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. The ground reality hits pretty differently. She was able to grasp various important principles of life while learning to skydive. Which makes her confident that while she does everything right, nothing can happen to her. Living in the moment is her holy grail and Shweta knows she is having fun. She goes each day cherishing the last, for these experiences that she carries with her turn into life lessons with every jump.

Shweta had the following advice for anyone wanting to take up skydiving or any other adventure sport: Number 1 - Don’t take advice from people who aren’t associated with that sport. Number 2 - Don’t ask your parents to fund you; earn the money yourself to invest in your dreams and passion.

Shweta says that to date her biggest achievement is that she changed the mindset of people around her. It was too difficult for her to take a step in skydiving when none of her family members were even involved in sports. After a lot of hard work and success, Shweta has been able to make her parents understand.

She has now been able to prove that it does not matter how old you are or which gender you belong to; you can do whatever you set your mind to.

When asked about how she keeps herself motivated, Shweta said that we need to find motivation within ourselves. At the beginning of her journey, she never had much support but she didn’t let the lack of validation from others get her down. She stopped looking around and started searching within herself. Her struggles, her achievements, her perseverance become the pillars of her motivation.

“Agar aap bed se nahi uthoge toh, koi jagane wala bhi nahi ayega”

Shweta has to date completed 50 jumps and is en route to completing more. She is currently in Dubai, prepping for her next jump. For her, we pray, ‘May the blue skies be with you.’

Shweta ends by saying that skydiving has transformed her as a person. She now lives a much fuller life overflowing with purpose and a new sense of admiration.


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