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Surbhi Pansari

An interview with Surbhi Pansari teaches us the importance of optimism

and a problem-solving attitude in sustaining a flourishing business.

Surbhi Pansari launched her label in the year 2015 with a team of like-minded and passionate individuals. The journey so far has been nothing short of an adventure with its fair share of twists and turns.

Surbhi is a science major who enjoyed physics and maths, but there was still something missing in this perfect combination. It was the vibrancy of the colors that had left her mesmerized. Following her passion to do something new and which has not been naturally captured, Surbhi took her first step in Men's Fashion. She worked in her family business of Raymond’s Retail Stores for about two years on the floor level, learning the ropes of the fashion and retail sector. After gaining sufficient knowledge and a jar full of confidence, Surbhi realized, “This is it, I am ready!” and never looked back.

On a path riddled with ups and downs, Surbhi faced the challenges head-on knowing that

“You have to believe in yourself and think of a way out, this way nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success."

Surbhi believes in putting her efforts into something unique which makes her work interesting and keeps her motivated. "I try to create things that are different from my previous creations. I want my clients to have multiple options and find the perfect outfit that makes them happy every time they enter my store," she added.Surbhi has had various clients from Bollywood and Tollywood, making her success speak for itself. Fashion Retail is a highly competitive industry but according to Surbhi, if you focus on your own goals instead of the competition, you will find yourself successful without a doubt.

"Every journey has struggles. However, if you are happy and confident and you do not allow the stress to get into your head, you will always find a solution to the problem. Your work shouldn't stress you out. It should make you feel complete!”

The following is Surbhi’s advice to our readers:

“As women, we handle multiple roles simultaneously. I plan my day and stick to it no matter what. Avoiding procrastination and following my plan regularly has helped me balance all these roles. I’m able to give adequate time to everyone, as well as laze around at times in my house. This is what has helped me throughout and I advise others to try it out for themselves too.”

“Success is all about finding that one thing you want to do and consistently putting your heart and soul in it!"


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