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What to do when your nudes get leaked?

1.Don’t blame yourself: It’s easy to blame your own self for what has happened. You should always remember that as unbelievable as it sounds it’s not your fault. If you trust your partner enough, it’s normal for you to want to share your photos with them. You didn’t break the trust in the relationship, they did.

2. Be Calm: Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Betrayal. You’ll feel everything all at once at this point, and it’s okay. It’s great to let it all out, instead of pushing everything down and repressing these emotions.

But after some time, it’s best to stay calm and collected for the time being to find a logical solution.

3. Talk to someone: After being betrayed you probably wouldn’t want to tell another person about everything. What if they judge you? Or worse, what if they betray you too? In this situation find a trustworthy family member or friend, and tell them about your problem so that they can help you find the solution.

4. Find that solution: There are a few ways which can work in the case your private pictures are leaked by someone:-

  • You can talk to the person responsible if you think that they are willing to listen to you. Maybe you can make them understand that what they did was absolutely wrong.

  • Contact the website where the photos were leaked. Some known websites have an option of content removal where the pictures/ videos will be taken down if they have been uploaded without your consent

  • A report can be filed to your nearest police station or a cyber crime can be reported on

5. Get better: An invasion of privacy like this is no joke, it takes a toll on the mental well-being of the victim. Even after everything settles down, the scars of the event will be seen in the future relationships.

Constant worry and paranoia is not healthy. It is best to find a professional therapist and get the help you really need and want.

6.Be safe. It’s totally alright to want to share your pictures or videos to any person you want to. But you have to calculate the risks.

It is important to send pictures like these ONLY to people you trust a lot.

This article is written by Tasmiya Abrar. Tasmiya is a first year student in Delhi University. She wants to convey her thoughts to as many people as she can. She loves cats, reading books & listening to music among other things.

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