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How Tight Do You Want Her?

"How tight do you want her? I can make her feel like a virgin," the words echoed through the delivery room moments after the baby was born. The family doctor had asked the husband how tightly he wanted his wife's vagina to be sewn. Thus preparing for the infamous post-birth procedure called the 'Husband Stitch'.

The husband stitch or the daddy stitch is an extra stitch or suture made during the repair process after vaginal birth or an episiotomy (a surgical cut made into the area between the vagina and anus, usually to hasten childbirth). It is done by stitching up the vaginal entryway narrower than needed, to supposedly make the vagina tighter. This stuff of nightmares happens without the woman's consent, for the sole purpose of increasing the pleasure of the male partner.

The horrendous act isn't a myth or an urban legend, but the truth of countless women. The proof of the practice is very well sewn into their bodies and reverberated through their stories. Foregoing is a testament to the darkest form of sexism.

Women are often left out of the loop in regards to what's being done to their bodies and the male partners are asked about the consent procedure instead. On other occasions, it's the husband that asks for an extra stitch to keep things taut down there.

However, the husband stitch is nothing more than an outdated procedure with no medical use or benefits.

With patriarchy rearing its ugly head in our medical care systems, we see the stripping away of a woman's right to make decisions about her own body.

It shows us a glimpse of the persistent misogyny inherent in our society that neglects a woman's healthcare before and after childbirth. The objectification and sexualization of a woman's body pushes the agenda that women exist only to please men and bear children.

We should in these moments remember that a doctor is supposed to work in their patient's best interests and not force them to undergo invasive surgical procedures to serve third-party needs.

The article is written by Shweta Jha. Shweta Jha is a freelance content writer. She's passionate about women's empowerment, mental health and other social issues. Reach out to her at

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